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Shed roof

A New customer had a ripped shed roof to replace, called Bib and job done in about 2 hours.

Shed removal

A New customer, (referred by a regular customer in Auchterarder), had an old broken shed in their garden needing lifted, trailer in tow, did the job in no time.

Another shed roof

This time it was a serious job, all the old felt removed, a thick sheet of plastic covering the whole roof and finally a new set of sheets of felt from Wickes. Not to forget the glue.

Shed roof

Another new client in Dunblane has some leaks in his shed, the likely reason was that water was blowned in underneath the felt.

Solution: a little bit of Sitcks Like Sh*t did the trick!

Felt Roof glued

Felt Roof glued even though the underside of the roof was soaking wet, “Sticks Like Sh*t” actually doesn’t care, it simply sticks like you know… :0)

One can see in the picture below the water clearly coming up the shallow slanted roof and into the ceiling. With severe Gales and heavy rain it actually looks quite well sealed, but not enough clearly. Adding the strong adhesive “Sticks like Sh*t” into the build and all should be good.

The water ingress in the shed

The water ingress in the shed

Today at the Farm…

I made a window for the shed

From hole to window in 2 hours

From hole to window in 2 hours

Stirling – Shed roof and fence repair

New Customer in Stirling needed two shed roofs re-felted and a bit of fence blown by recent bad weather re-fitted. Whilst I was there I also re-secured the back garden gate frame which had come off the building wall.

This customer has more work lined up for me 🙂

Fence and shed painting

A regular customer in Dunblane, today is fence and shed painting day…


A garden job in Dunblane today, cut the grass (and trimmed the edges) weeding as well as staining a little fence and a shed.

Garden Shed

Built a Garden Shed for a customer in Dunblane. Very  happy with job!