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Work by Bib’ll Fix it.

In the past 3 years We haven’t stopped being busy, so busy that this website was neglected, well, here is a quick gallery of major projects in the past few years. I cover most trades except wall papering, plastering (large areas) and Slabbing…

Menstrie – Various things

A regular customer in Menstrie required a few things mended in a newly rented property:

  • Affix lining paper on a plastered wall
  • Paint a door
  • patch a couple of holes in walls
  • refit a piece of skirting board
  • A door needed a new handle fitted (which I purchased)

All work carried out over a few ways as the door required a few coats (inc. undercoat)

Wall lined with paper

Wall lined with paper

Door to paint (undercoat and 2 coats of gloss)

Door to paint (undercoat and 2 coats of gloss)

Bare plaster wall

Bare plaster wall

A piece of skirting to fit

A piece of skirting to fit

Door needing a new handle

Door needing a new handle

Doors, shower, tv aerial cable and garden gate

A new customer (word of mouth from another delighted client) needed a few things done:

  • Three new doors coated in eggshell oil based paint (two coats)
  • a shower basin needing re-sealed
  • A wall mounted TV needing a shorter aerial cable (made to measure)
  • A garden gate to be adjusted

All done to customer satisfaction!

Living room re-decorating

Worked for myself this time, my living room desperately needed a refresh… See pictures below.

The key aspects of any decoration are:

  1. Remove all fittings (electrical/nails/rails etc.)
  2. Wash thoroughly all the walls and ceiling
  3. Cover all irregularities or holes with poly-filler (after removing plugs etc.)
  4. Sand the poly filler smooth
  5. Mask the skirting boards, windows etc. and only then one can
  6. Paint (which is really fast)!

More often than not, this type of work involves skipping steps 1 to 5 and jump directly to step 6 which may seem to be a time saver but really does not work at all as one is left with ugly paint marks all over the fittings and unsightly holes and cracks etc. -or- one can be very careful and try to painfully avoid painting over the fittings, which usually does not succeeds and can take longer than preparation itself 🙂


A garden job in Dunblane today, cut the grass (and trimmed the edges) weeding as well as staining a little fence and a shed.

Bridge of Allan

Various things in a property in Bridge of Allan, spread over a few afternoons.

  • Toilet fixtures, toilet roll holder, sink shelf and mirror, ceiling switch fitted/replaced
  • Shoe shelves made of MDF painted
  • Kick board in kitchen secured
  • Switch replaced
  • Latch fitted on outside gate
  • Clothes pegs fitted in hallway

old toilet door NHew toilet door

Garden furniture renovation

Today I delivered some benches chairs and table back to a Client in Dunblane, who was delighted to see the result.

I can pick up and drop your items back after work is carried out included in the price.

Barrier renovation

A complete renovation of an arena barrier. between May 14th and June 8th 2013. Total 2 to 3 coats of Exterior High Gloss from Wickes. Which I recommend.

Barrier had bad areas of rot and was also damaged by an over exited Stallion called Ami.

200m of slats/timbers and dozens of posts

2 to 3 coats on totalling 200m of slats/timbers and dozens of posts