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Work by Bib’ll Fix it.

In the past 3 years We haven’t stopped being busy, so busy that this website was neglected, well, here is a quick gallery of major projects in the past few years. I cover most trades except wall papering, plastering (large areas) and Slabbing…

Garden Barrier with Gate

Another example of work undertaken, mini fencing.

To prevent puppy escape

Height: 90cm (3′)

Fence posts

A regular customer (a landlord) asked me to secure more of one of his property Garden Fence posts which had snapped flush with ground due to the combination of rot and Winter storms.

Organised new posts, stained them and replaced old ones, which were just planted (no concrete!) with Fast setting “postcrete”.

More fence work – kind of…

Today I made a new garden door! Parts were stained prior to building the door.

See pictures below forย  before and after…

Fence work

A regular customer needed a fence straightened, after the recent storms some of the posts were snapped at the base, it was only a matter of sourcing the posts, staining them remove the old post and resit the new ones with some “Postcrete”

See gallery below for before after.

Storm Damage

A new customer in Dunblane had his fence brought down due to the recent stormy weather which brought Gale force wind and Flooding in most of the country.

The issue was fence posts that were sheared off at ground level. This client didn’t want to have a completely new fence rebuilt, so I suggested to add new posts beside the old ones and he was happy with my quote and suggestion.

So here are a few photos of the before and after:

Riverside – More things to do

Storm damage for fence again, as well as some wall fittings to put up and other various little things for a customer I did work for last week.

Must be happy with me then…

Stirling – Shed roof and fence repair

New Customer in Stirling needed two shed roofs re-felted and a bit of fence blown by recent bad weather re-fitted. Whilst I was there I also re-secured the back garden gate frame which had come off the building wall.

This customer has more work lined up for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Menstrie – Storm Repairs

New customer Living in Dunblane but letting a house in Menstrie. A couple of things needing done:

  • Water damaged ceiling needing mended
  • Upstairs wall to re surface (a hole was open to repair the water leakage)
  • Broken lower glass pane of the kitchen door to be replaced with a panel of wood
  • Blown down Garden fence to be re-erected
  • Some sockets to replace and others to remove

No problems for Bib! ๐Ÿ˜€

Fencing repair

During construction


Job Done – Customer very happy!

Fence and shed painting

A regular customer in Dunblane, today is fence and shed painting day…