Living room re-decorating

Worked for myself this time, my living room desperately needed a refresh… See pictures below.

The key aspects of any decoration are:

  1. Remove all fittings (electrical/nails/rails etc.)
  2. Wash thoroughly all the walls and ceiling
  3. Cover all irregularities or holes with poly-filler (after removing plugs etc.)
  4. Sand the poly filler smooth
  5. Mask the skirting boards, windows etc. and only then one can
  6. Paint (which is really fast)!

More often than not, this type of work involves skipping steps 1 to 5 and jump directly to step 6 which may seem to be a time saver but really does not work at all as one is left with ugly paint marks all over the fittings and unsightly holes and cracks etc. -or- one can be very careful and try to painfully avoid painting over the fittings, which usually does not succeeds and can take longer than preparation itself 🙂

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