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Garden PIR Flood light

Regular customer in Greenloaning needed an old PIR (Infra Red) flood light replaced in the back garden, I brought a new lamp and proceeded to replace the old one anew.

All done 🙂

New pond liner

A customer in Bridge of Allan had a problem with a pond that leaked, the culprit was an old liner that, frankly, looked knackered, so took upon the job to source new liner and replace it.

Some additional work in the way of a new pump and LED lights had to be re-wired, all done and pond back in shape, as per photos below.

Shed removal

A New customer, (referred by a regular customer in Auchterarder), had an old broken shed in their garden needing lifted, trailer in tow, did the job in no time.

Drainage work

A client in Dunblane had problems with his garden drainage, I quoted him for the work and he was reasonably happy to award me the task of fixing it, the plan involved digging a trench around the building, bury a drain pipe all the way (about 25 metres/yards) and cover it with gravel, all the slabs had to be lifted, jet washed and repositioned at 90 degrees, apart from the front of the house that had to be re-levelled.

A total of three bulk bags of gravel, one bulk bag of Sand was needed to complete the work

Another shed roof

This time it was a serious job, all the old felt removed, a thick sheet of plastic covering the whole roof and finally a new set of sheets of felt from Wickes. Not to forget the glue.

Wardrobe sliding doors

A client in Stirling had some rogue wardrobe sliding doors that went off the rails (?) all put back it their place in no time.

There was also a problem with the Astroturf which had creased, all straightened too.

More work in order as they moved in recently.

Flood lights and pictures

A big customer of mine in Dunblane needed a couple of floodlight bulbs replaced, re-sited and some mirrors and various pictures hung on the wall.

I also need to source a small bit of wire to repair the door bell

Shed roof

Another new client in Dunblane has some leaks in his shed, the likely reason was that water was blowned in underneath the felt.

Solution: a little bit of Sitcks Like Sh*t did the trick!

Felt Roof glued

Felt Roof glued even though the underside of the roof was soaking wet, “Sticks Like Sh*t” actually doesn’t care, it simply sticks like you know… :0)

One can see in the picture below the water clearly coming up the shallow slanted roof and into the ceiling. With severe Gales and heavy rain it actually looks quite well sealed, but not enough clearly. Adding the strong adhesive “Sticks like Sh*t” into the build and all should be good.

The water ingress in the shed

The water ingress in the shed

More fence work – kind of…

Today I made a new garden door! Parts were stained prior to building the door.

See pictures below for  before and after…

Fence work

A regular customer needed a fence straightened, after the recent storms some of the posts were snapped at the base, it was only a matter of sourcing the posts, staining them remove the old post and resit the new ones with some “Postcrete”

See gallery below for before after.