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Update – COVID 19 pandemic

Dear customers,

I hope this short update finds you and yours in good health. In relation to recent media coverage, I am writing to let you know that regrettably, I will not be open on the 9th of June. You may be aware from the media that I must follow the rules and guidance set out by the Scottish Government.

I sincerely hope that in the very near future I will be permitted to commence a phased return to work . I will also seek advice from my GP as to the best course of action I musdt follow.

It is frustrating to me, but I am taking these measures not only to protect myself but also to make sure that I or you do not get the risk of transmitting the virus that could potentially cost the life of someone we know.

I wish to thank all my current and future customers for their understanding of the decision I have taken to protect them and also myself in recent months.