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Faulty ceiling halogen light

A new Customer in Dunblane contacted me on 01786 825 768 to enquire about a problem with one of the Kitchen ceiling halogen light which stopped working a couple of weeks ago.

The problem was due to a faulty wire which needed to be mended from the attic above the room. An exploration to the culprit wiring and some electrical repairs made the light work again.

I am an electrician by trade, lets not forget!

Washing machine evacuation pipe leak

A regular customer in Stirling had a leak on the evacuation piping coupling, nothing that resisted Bib’s handy work.

Fixed in no time 🙂

Shower seal and kitchen ceiling light

Another new customer in Dunblane needed a shower basin re-sealed with silicone (the old silicone had gone dark) and a kitchen ceiling light to be replaced with another nicer model.


Bonnybridge – various jobs

I got this job through word of mouth

A new customer in Dennyloanhead near Bonnybridge needed a couple of things done, a kitchen unit door hinge to be refitted, a plaster wall that needed patched after repairs a door that needed its hinges re-secured as it was catching.

Also fixed a leaky toilet cistern.

All done and customer delighted, will definitively contact me again when needed!

Gutters – part 2

As the client that needed to order the parts for the gutter replacement  contacted me, I proceeded to replace the thing, all done as well as a couple of other snags whilst I was there:

Wobbly children bed tightening and some wardrobe that was fixed to a wall needing moved slightly to the left.

Shop signage

A regular customer had a loose sign hanging over her Baker Street shop in Stirling. From the time she contacted me to the sign being down was less than two hours.

I though it might have been best to get the sign down asap to the relief of the customer who was worried it might fall on to unsuspecting passers by.

I can come at very short notice if required!

Your move

A call from Your Move today asking be to connect a washing machine and a fridge in a flat they are letting out in Bannockburn.

The fridge needed to be wired through a wall into a kitchen socket, which required a little engineering, no problem for Bib.

All done and packaging taken away also.

Hope to get more work from Your Move!

Skirting painting and ceiling lights

A new customer needed a hand to finish painting his newly renovated home, I helped by painting a coat of gloss throughout the downstairs kitchen,hallway, toilet and upstairs hallway.

Client was glad to have found me and was so pleased with the job that he will contact me again when there is more painting in order.

Whilst I was there, I fitted a ceiling light in the toilets as well as a towel rail and mirror.

Child bunk bed flatpack

A massive kids bunk bed as a flat pack needed build for a new customer in Causewayhead, stirling. After about 2 hours, here is the final result:

When flat packs are no longer flat

When flat packs are no longer flat

Kitchen cupboard

A new customer in Dunblane needed a kitchen cupboard to be fitted on a wall.

Also fitted a clothes rack.

All done to satisfaction